Freepbx 15 Extension Name Change does not update Queue Agent Name for Qxact Reports

Using Freepbx 15 with Queue system in place. When an extension name changes due to employee change it is not updating the Agent Names in the queue. When running a QXact report it shows the old agent names instead of the changed name.

I am sure I am missing some step in this process but I cannot figure out what I am missing. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.


I assume that new queue calls that occur AFTER the name change show correct in QXact, yes? If so, it’s working as expected.


Thanks for the prompt reply. If I am following you, you are stating that if I run a report in Qxact it will show as Agent Name the Old Extension name always as that would allow me to run reports for the previous Extension Name in the past while allowing me to run reports for the new Extension Name from this date moving forward?

Yes. Queue records show the CID name at the time they are generated and don’t get updated should that name change at some later point.

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