FreePBX 15 Debian Install Script

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(Riten) #1

@billsimon install script for Debian is AWESOME!

I have been manually doing this for years. I just came across it and gave it a shot. It’s so much faster than the Freepbx iso, and it actually works. I tried using the iso, but was getting weird EDD messages. I was booting straight from the iso using my trusty Lantronix spider, so no iso to usb issues to deal with.

I just setup one of these:

To go between an old avaya partner system. I paired it up with an Adtran TA908. I needed to do this, because the partner is on it’s last legs, and I can’t get into it to re-program it. So, the asterisks box + the 908 will allow me to create a centrex style rollover. :slight_smile:

The things we do to keep ancient phone systems operational with low cost sip trunking providers…

(Grillo Villegas) #2

Oh great thanks @billsimon will try this right now !!!