FreePBX 15 - Configure Inbound Trunk


I am struggling to configure Inbound Trunk. In previous versions “Incoming” tab was part of a single Trunk form. Howver, on latest version “add Trunk”, is for Outbound only. How can I configure Inbound??

Thank you!

Are you setting up with Chan_SIP or PJSIP? The configuration screen is quite different depending on what you are using. I would suggest using pjsip if you can.

Yes, sorry, should’ve stated. It’s PJSIP.
The message at the top of page cited No Outbound route for this trunk. But I don’t want “Outbound”, but “Inbound”.


That is a message stating that you are not routing any calls to the trunk with any outbound routes.

There is no such thing. A trunk is a trunk. You can chose to not route calls to a trunk and thus no outbound calls will go out it. But that is a preference, not a technical thing.

The same way you always have. With inbound routes.

You may be thinking that because chan_sip trunk config separates peer details between tabs labeled inbound and outbound, that it is a necessary distinction. But there is no functional difference between these two tabs, either can be configured for inbound or outbound calls (or both).

That message is purely a warning/information, it also tells you if you have outbound routes set in case you try to delete it and there are still routes set to use it.

As Lorne said I wasn’t sure if you were thinking of the Tabs on the Chan_SIP but that isn’t the case.

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