FreePBX 15 Backup & Restore error

Just upgraded a server to FreePBX 15. Original install was from a FreePBX 13 ISO. I’m seeing and error when it’s doing a backup. It’s not backing up the “Ring Groups” module and it says that “Call Recordings” need to be enabled. I’ve tried reinstalling the “Call Recordings” module with no luck. I also tried to remove and reinstall Backup & Restore I still get the same error. If I try to enble “Call Recordings” in the CLI it says it’s already enabled.The rest of the backup seems to be fine. I’m seeing the quoted text at the end of the backup.

“Could not backup module ringgroups because it depends on callrecordings which is not enabled. Please enable callrecordings”

Issue Already Fixed.

Upgrade Ring Groups to edge with:

fwconsole ma upgrade ringgroups --edge

Thanks Mohit

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