FreePBX 15 - backup and restore

Hello, everybody.
In FreePBX 14 I used to backup configuration and local file folders, but now I do not understand how to backup files. It suggests me only backup of FreePBX modules.

I don’t have an answer for you, except that the Backup and Restore module in FreePBX 15 is completely rewritten: from scratch if I infer properly.

At some point, I’m sure the Wiki will be updated to explain how and what else you can back up and restore.

Backup in FreePBX 15 handed control of backup to the modules. Essentially you choose what modules to backup and they handle their own data.

Additional tasks can be handled via hooks:
You can also write a bare bones module that just backs up stuff.

I have a custom database module on my todo list somewhere unless someone beats me to it.

A basic module to select files/folders also probably wouldn’t be too difficult.

I will see if I can do up a demo module later

1 This was written in a few minutes while enjoying tacos and a beer
2 This is absolutely untested and frankly may not work (see 1)
3 This comes without support or warranty from me, my current employer, and my former employer.
5 There will be bugs (see 1)
6 There is no number 4

With the formalities out of the way I have thrown together a bare minimum module. This in theory will backup and restore the /tftpboot folder.

This should give you an idea of what is needed.


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