FreePBX 15 - audio call to video call doesn´t work

I was using FreePBX 13 and audio call to video call works very well. But, when installed FreePBX 15 this option doesn´t work anymore. For example, I did a audio call for another extension and during the calling I needed to change to video call, but without sucess. The calling stay always in audio mode. So, I don´t know what happened. I use always x-lite. Does anybody have the same situation? Thanks.

So, when I start a calling using video call, everything happen ok. But if I start the calling using audio call, it´s not possible to change to video call. In FreePBX 13 is ok. But, now, in FreePBX 15 this is not work well. Thanks for your attention.

Another problem is about “video_mode=sfu”. It´s not work. A conference room works very well in “video_mode=follow_talker”, but in “sfu” not.

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