FreePBX 15/Asterisk 16 phone won't register TLS PJSIP, but will using TLS SIP

I have a new FreePBX 15 installation with Asterisk 16.
I have a Yealink T54W that is working on another FreePBX install and am using that to experiment with the new installation.

On the new install I set up Let’s Encrypt. I set up an new PJSIP extension and attempted to configure the phone to work with that configuring a TLS connection.

The phone would not register. So I set up another extension, all the same parameters except as a SIP extension. Using TLS the phone WILL register on that extension.

On the phone side I’m just changing the register name and username to the other extension and it will register, change it back to the PJSIP extension and it fails to register.

Does that rule out certificate problems?

What am I missing?

We have the exact same issue. T4XS and T5X phones that register completely fine with ChanSIP using TLS, then fail when converted to PJSIP. T46G / T42G / etc all work fine tls either chansip or pjsip. Using a listed acceptable cert as defined on the yealink website. Yealink Support

I want a root cause - I am tired of chasing symptoms.

I recommend using the testssl tool to uncover problems with TLS.

Whenever I deploy a new instance of TLS (SIP or HTTPS) I start with that tool before trying to connect clients.

Exact same issue here. Did you ever find the cause ?

Here and here you most probably can find the root cause. Would be really necessary to fix the openssl integration of pjsip.

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