FreePBX 15 and API - I need help

I’m sorry but I moved my central to a hosted place and I download the version 15.
I already loosed some licenses, sad other topic, but also the lack of restAPI support is putting me in huge troubles.
I’m ok to try new things, but as usual nothing works as said in the only 2 shorts pages I found.
I need full documentation on that.
My only need is quite easy, I just need to change the Call Forwarding and the DND mode of some extensions. http(s) requests would be the best thing of course.
When I look into the pages they almost say nothing, like this one

I have no idea, when I go the API app and just try to use GraphQL explorer I had first a warning about the key CHMOD 600 instead of 644, and now:
“error”: “access_denied”,
“message”: “The resource owner or authorization server denied the request.”,
“hint”: “The JWT string must have two dots”

I’m not an expert and I can learn, but I need more details or examples.
Also if there is a way to put back restAPI because the module I used is NOT working on FreePBX 15 at the moment, but it will be later the case.


The REST API is still there in FreePBX 15 – we simply added GraphQL as well. If you’re having a problem with the REST API, go to Connectivity -> API, and make sure you have the allowed scopes set correctly.

Thanks for the reply.
So, allowing scope sets… I need more details.

Also, the problem is this:
“You don’t have permission to access /restapi/rest.php/rest/callwaiting/users/302”
And it looks like this URL is not the same anymore on the new version, when I try to create an App, it gives different URLs?


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