FreePBX - commercial modules keep reinstalling

I installed a new FreePBX 15.0 system on a instance.

My issue is that I use the Module Admin feature to remove unused commercial modules and then a few days later the modules are automagically reinstalled on my system.

When I log in, the red “Apply Config” button is present. This has happened at lest 4 times over the last 6 weeks.

How do I prevent this from happening?


Historically, this was done by using disable, not uninstall. But very a recent framework change ensures missing modules are not automatically installed.

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That was a horribly bad design choice for the update process. I am so happy it is now fixed.

I agree. I checked my system again today. No commercial products have been reinstalled over the last week.

I hope that this stays resolved. I found it frustrating.

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