FREEPBX 14 UCP VM playback cutting out

After the most recent module updates to a FreePBX 14 installation, UCP no longer plays more than a second or so of VM recordings. I’ve attempted to upgrade to the latest “edge” version of User Control Panel ( but that did not resolve the issue.

I am aware of a previous issue in FreePBX 15, but this is a FreePBX14 installation.

Oddly enough, I’ve got a customer who’s having the same problem, but I haven’t been able to duplicate it, so I thought it was a problem at their end!

Looking at the recent changes in voicemail, do you have two computers open with UCP at the same time? That could be causing the problem. I’ve reverted my customers back to which was prior to some changes that may trigger the issue.

You can try that yourself with the following command:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall voicemail --tag
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