FreePBX 14 Trunks register string


I am transferring over from and Old Old Trixbox version to FreePBX 14 and I am trying to create a trunk. I have select Chan_SIP which I believe is the same as the FreePBX 13 Add Sip Trunk, I cant find the Register String entry,

Hi, how are you setting up your trunk? post the settings and logs here so we can assist you. please.

When editing the trunk, Sip Settings tab, Incoming tab.

As Igaetz mentioned, the interface in freepbx 14 doesnt have outgoing and incoming tabs. under Trunks.

Sure does. There are two SIP drivers since Asterisk 12 and you have to select Chan_SIP to create a SIP trunk but nothing else has changed. There’s still a Register String

yes, I found them later as I dug around some more, but if I am using pjsip extensions, shouldnt the trunk be pjsip as well and if you choose it, pjsip trunk options do not include outgoing and incoming tabs like that.

This brings up a question. can I use a sip (chan_sip) trunk while using pjsip extensions?

Yes, and vice-versa. If you have multiple trunk providers, you can also mix SIP drivers.

Yes, it’ll work fine.

Thanks, I will give it a try. I am trying to get DIDLogic setup on FreePBX. first tries I got stumped with their instructions and pjsip trunk not showing same options. but good to know they can mix.

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