FreePBX 14, Sangoma A500: ISDN extension can be dialed but won't dial

Installed FreePBX, applied all updates. Trunks and SIP-phones are all PJSIP.

SIP-part is fully functional.

SANGOMA A500 is installed as bri_net_ptmp to connect internal ISDN-Phones.

All defined DAHDI-extensions can be dialled (from SIP-extensions and from the outside).

When I dial from a DAHDI-extension, the dialplan only receives the CID of the calling extension but no dialled number at all.


Could you please show some logs of at least one of your attempts?

Good luck and have a nice day!


Hello Nick!

Thanks a lot for this very quick response!

After struggling for a whole week and finally posting my question, I found the solution myself :blush:

Problem was: pridialplan was set to unknown! After changing it to “International” everything’s fine.

Thanks again