FreePBX 14 - Ring Groups - Music on Hold Restarts on extension progress

Hi All:

I have a weird issue where I have a Music on Hold playing in a Ring Group (memoryhunt mode). Every time another extension is tried, the music on hold restarts. Obviously this is jarring to listen to.

Everything is up to date:

  • FreePBX
  • Asterisk 3.19.1
  • Ring Groups

Things I’ve tried:

  • I’ve tried setting “Send Progress” to No
  • I’ve tried setting music on hold to default and inherit
  • Removed Alert Info and set Music On Hold to Default in Inbound Routes
  • Extension MoH: I didn’t see where to configure it per extension except for FindMe/FollowMe (disabled) which was set to ring.

Any ideas?


I notice that your list doesn’t include the obvious solution: switch your ring group to a queue.

I just tried creating a queue.

I set the ring strategy to be linear. I hear a little hick-up in the music when it tried other extensions, but the music does continue.

The only thing I’m not sure I can do with the queue is the memory ring; Where first extension 1 rings for X amount of time, then extension 1 AND 2 ring… Ect. I think queue will only hunt, not continue adding them to the ringing group.

The reason your music was restarting is because each RG is a new call, so the music starts over at the beginning.

Interesting. Is this the intended design? It seems counter intuitive.

What would the best way to have continuous music while using the memoryhunt ring strategy with ring groups? Or maybe it is best implemented with queue?

Thanks for the help!

Once you understand that Asterisk is a Back to Back User Agent system (calls go to Asterisk and are separately handled by Asterisk to extensions), the outcome shoudl suddenly make perfect sense. Asterisk isn’t a classic PBX - calls do not go from remote phone to extension; instead, the call goes to Asterisk, which then “conferences in” any services that need to be accessed. Each of these conferences is a new call, so of course, dropping into a new ring group would start the group over, since it’s a new call.

Unless you are looking for really, really, really specific ways of handling the calls, I’d say a queue might be the first place to start. Note, however, that if you drop out of the queue and restart another queue, you are once again creating a new call to the queue.

To answer your question in another way, instead of using canned MOH, use a music/data stream as your MOH. This way, it will never “restart” since the stream is always in progress.

Thanks for the clarification!

It sounds like if I wanted to emulate the the memoryhunt ring stratagy I’ll run into the same problem as before. Ie: Music restarting.

This sounds like the best option other then removing the music completely and just replacing it with ringing. Do you know where any documentation on this would be? I see here a reference to using a media stream, is this what your suggesting?

Thanks for your help.

Yes. The caveats in that article still apply, but this is how you would do it.

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