Freepbx 14: Restapps visual voicemail not working after module update

Phoneapps 13.0.92

We updated the modules yesterday and since then restapps visual voicemail is not working…

When the user presses the button, they get a set of symbols on their phone display shown below:

Correspondingly, we get the following in the access log: - - [05/Apr/2018:09:50:31 -0500] “GET /applications.php/voicemail/main?linestate=CONNECTED&user=100 HTTP/1.1” 200 575 “-” "Aastra6869i MAC:00-08-5D-XX-XX-XX V:”

If i do http://IP ADDR:82/applications.php/voicemail/main?user=100 in the browser, then i get the following:

{“application_name”:“voicemail”,“application_display”:“Voicemail”,“page_name”:“main”,“type”:“display”,“exitPath”:null,“layout”:[{“type”:“link”,“display”:“I: 0 | O: 0 | U: 0”,“value”:“voicemail/main”,“args”:“app_vm_selected=100”,“icon”:“read”,“iconstring”:"Debbie Johnson (100) > "}],“action”:[],“error”:[]}

Please advise.

I am looking to update the firmware on the phone, but it worked earlier on the same firmware.


From personal experience on FreePBX I have found it is better just to not update anything and leave it alone. Most of the time updates will cause certain errors or Asterisk will just completely error out and cause the whole system to become nonfunctional. In this case I would recommend reverting to a backup or just completely reinstalling and starting over.

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You could also try reverting the restapps module. It’s in the gui.

That’s a mailbox. Click the mailbox and they will see the voicemails. This isn’t a bug.

I reverted back to the older version and it is functional now. Thanks.

Andrew, when the user presses the restapps voicemail button in version 13.0.92, it shows these symbols i:0|0:0|u:0 on the display. I don’t understand what you mean when you say “its a mailbox”. Reverted back to and it works fine.

The most recent version of Phone Apps included support for multiple voicemail boxes. The first press of the VM button lists all mailboxes the user has access to, and you then select from that list to view the mailbox contents

I:0 = Inbox with zero messages
O:0 = Zero Old messages
U:0 = Zero Unread messages

I’m guessing…

Thanks for that info. I will test that out. Just wondering why isn’t the text chosen for this purpose more user friendly.

Also, it seems someone already as a feature improvement ticket on this as the end users are not liking an additional step if they have access to only one voicemailbox.

Is their a feature request. I would agree if only one box it should behave like the old way.

The ticket that I mentioned in the above post:"REST%20Phone%20Apps%20(Commercial)"

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OK another note is Sangoma phones show the proper name for each box. Not sure why Aastra does not but we clearly state beyond Sangoma Phones that Phone Apps are best effort and we do no testing with other manufacture phones or have control so when we add things for our own phones it may break others.


In fact the text looks quite different on Sangoma and Yealink phones. The character limitation on the Aastra 57i I just checked with make it look quite different. Probably fixable if a bug is filed.

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Resolved in restapps version

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