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FreePBX 14 Release Candidate

(Bryan Walters) #82

@joelfreeman If you access via these links should be reflected moving forward.

(Joel Freeman) #83

Awesome - thanks again!

There’s one last thing I just noticed: the host that hosts the tarball for the expert install method: Would it be possible for users to securely communicate with this host to grab the latest source release?


FreePBX guys - I sincerely applaud your efforts to make an upgrade script for the Distro from 13 (OS 6) to 14 (OS 7) but server upgrades scare the living daylights out of me. There are reasons why companies like Redhat with all their resources don’t support this and I am guessing your figuring out why!

In my 20+ years as an admin I have never once done an in place upgrade of a server other than development/test windows boxes. I would NEVER consider an in place upgrade of a mission critical server.

My ask is that you spend more time making a script to move all the FreePBX related settings from one box to another. I know you have most of this covered in your “come home” script but there are a bunch that don’t move over. Maybe make it so just the 13 to 14 upgrade moves “all” or 99.9% of settings.

(Tony Lewis) #85

I would disagree here and we did this for EL5 to EL6 when everyone said it could not be done. Our commercial customers would never agree to hey to upgrade you need to reinstall. That is a failed business policy and not how things work in the real world.

Its our OS and one of the reasons for us to rebrand the OS and control the yum repos is so we know what is installed and have a controlled environment so when we do these things we can be assured for customers who have not installed unsupported packages the upgrade will work and we have it working for 99% of our customers so far and just a handful that had issues and tracked down the corner case issue. Will their be more corner case issues yes of course but they are easy to fix and the script is designed to let it run over and over and not damage and fix things.

I would say in closing its easier for us to handle a upgrade when you look at FreePBX Disto as a appliance application not a OS. The OS is just 1 piece of the puzzle but when you install FreePBX Disto we know whats installed and whats not so when we write a upgrade it based on what we install. If you do anything custom than yes just like RedHat it would be hard for us to script and plan for that but 99% of our users do a stock install nothing custom so its in our best interest to provide a clean upgrade path for those users and any project who does not is not providing a quality service for their customers.

(Joel Freeman) #86

Hey @tlewis – just checking in: were they able to get more secure/made available over HTTPS for those with a manual strike?

(Andrew Nagy) #87

At this time the mirror servers do not support https.

(Joel Freeman) #88

Ah, too bad :slightly_frowning_face:. Are there any plans to change that?

If cost is the issue Let’s Encrypt has one of the best prices out there – free! One’s also able to automate renewal depending on their environment.

(Tony Lewis) #89

Has nothing to do with cost. It’s the time to make the changes in the way the servers work that we don’t have time for with everything else much more pressing right now to work on.

(Joel Freeman) #90

Ah ok :slight_smile:

Thanks again for getting the distro site up to snuff!