FreePBX 14 Release Candidate

Are you talking Zend Framework? It’s supported PHP7 for over a year.

@qoole No, we aren’t referring to Zend Framework here but rather a product they are no longer supporting, which is Zend Guard.

Will there be an upgrade path from the RC to final release? We are in the process of setting up servers for a new facility, and would like to use the newest version if possible.

The holdup at the moment is the 13->14 migration. The current stable download it SNG7 with FreePBX 14. You can download that now and use it. If you are on a RC of SNG7 with FreePBX14 you may simply run yum update and update your modules.

@GameGamer43 - it’s a shame when commercialisation comes between users and performance. I totally understand it and the need for it, but it should be taken as a demonstration not to rely on 3rd parties for such a fundamental part of your business model, because ultimately it’s the users that suffer.

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@qoole While I understand the comment, keep in mind that if users want to use a new version of PHP such as PHP 7, there is nothing stopping them from using FreePBX with PHP 7 and reporting issues to us at

Hi. If we use PHP7 will we lose all commercial module functionality because it relies on Zen Guard?

Yes, Commercial modules will not work with PHP7. At this point this will also break the repos as they do not understand PHP7 at this time.

For a point of reference:-

Just reading some old threads.
No idea (and haven’t looked) when the time frame for 15, but PHP5.6 eol is Dec 2018. That may sound far off, but when you need to go through all that code, it can be a massive undertaking.

With ZendGuard being dead and PHP5.6 being dead at the end of next year, it’s a lot that needs to be reviewed, tested, and validated.

To add to this problem, PHP 7 ends at the same time, and IonCube is not support on PHP 7.1

There really is no place to go right now.

You also have some customers who want to run all the lastest versions, some customers asking not to break anything. Compliance people asking why is this stuff so old (we all love explaining CentOS and it’s back porting)

To make it worse, some organizations where End of Life means End of Use. I remember whe 5.4 hit eol, we had to dump an application because the vendor was not able to covert fast enough.

While I’m not sure where I’m heading on this, I do hope that next year there will be a clear path. Otherwise some of us have to start looking for alternatives, but that’s still 11 months away.

I enjoy FreePBX, I’m glad I made the switch, I really don’t want to have to go through a migration again. I took a lot of heat (still do) for moving to FreePBX, but as I stay to bashing vendors, “people call, the phone ring. how can they make it better?” None have an answer ( other than a BS sales pitch) but if it can keep up, I lose.

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Yes we will be working on moving to ioncube in the future but Redhat 7 is not even shipping with php 5.6 so us going to 5.6 was a big jump that we have to maintain already so we are good with doing such things and PHP 7 will be supported when when we are ready for it and as proven we have no issues using updated packages that upstream RHEL is not using yet.

IonCube 10 will support php 7.1, release is scheduled for next weeks.

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Thanks @klistrod I figured as much but now I don’t have to go look! :slight_smile:

Ioncube is on our radar. Some people do run freepbx on php 7. There aren’t many changes to be made so far except for our infrastructure on the backend.

So, what’s the story with the Distro Upgrade Script/Tool 10.13.66 to SNG7. I totally understand things take time, but I would, as I’m sure a lot of other users would also, just like a progress update and possibly an updated ETA for the Distro Upgrade Script/Tool.

It has been almost a month since there has been any update on the Update Script/Tool from what I have seen in various threads in the Forums. As to my knowledge, there is no specific thread dedicated to the Upgrade Script/Tool progress. Please let me know if there is such a thread, and I have somehow missed it, which is completely possible.

The new distro is great and just eager to transition to SNG7.

There isn’t and you haven’t missed anything.
Be patient, things take time and pressuring for ETA, etc won’t speed up that process.

Our QA department has done a great job of finding issues. If you search online u will see no such uograde exsit for CentOS or RedHat as it’s not easy thing to do. I am told something should be out this week for people to start using and testing.

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the beta script/tool. I will be sure to submit my feedback on issues/bugs.

Just wanted to give everyone an update and let you all know that we have released our distro upgrade tool as a Public Beta. More information can be found in our FreePBX 14 blog post which can be found at


Glad to see FreePBX is emphasizing security! With that in mind, could be made available over/default to HTTPS? Downloading a full distro over non-secure HTTP (without, say, a sha256/sha512 sum from a secure channel) skeeves me out

@joelfreeman That’s definitely something on the radar so hopefully you will see that change soon :slight_smile: