FreePBX 14 Release Candidate

(Dave Burgess) #8

It wasn’t an ukulele, it was a mandolin, and I’ve already apologized once. Sheesh.

(Kevin T) #9

I have a non-sterile environment, running schmooze (freepbx core version, 3 sip trunks and all remote users (none on-site at server location).

(Mike Thorn) #10

What’s the support prospect for commercial modules (such as Endpoint Manager or Extension Mapping) that are currently stated to be custom-designed for CentOS or RHEL? Will these be Sangoma 7 compatible as well?

(Tony Lewis) #11

Yes all commercial modules are already supported in SNG7 as its RHEL basaed. Same as how SHMZ OS was.

(User9000) #12

Do we have an End of Life for this or 13 support yet?

(Tony Lewis) #13

Nope 13 will continue getting bug fixes until 14 is stable then it goes into security fix only.

SHMZ OS same thing as you will need to use our soon to be released upgrade script to go to SNG 7 OS release along with FPBX 14 at the same time

How to Upgrade FreePBX Distro 13 to 14

Is there an upgrade script available yet? I’d like to test but don’t want to wipe all my settings.


BTW - Any chance of including the mssql driver. We need it for various agi scripts.

(Tony Lewis) #16

As stated above “out soon to be relesed upgrade script”

(Andrew Nagy) #17

Yes it’s included.


(Tony Lewis) #18

oh sorry thought he was asking about ms drivers in Asterisk. My bad.

(Kevin T) #19

As I understand, Schmooze will be unable to upgrade to freepbx 14. Should we be able to install the new 14 RC and restore a backup from Schmooze (10.13.66-19)? Setup is a pain in the ass lol I’d rather not have to set up everything again, especially my vpn configs.

(TheJames) #20

There should be a schmz6 to sng7 upgrade path. That said should acrually work too

(Tony Lewis) #21

We will 100% provide a upgrade for FreePBX Distro 10.13.66 to the new SNG7 distro with FreePBX 14 as long as you are on 64bit since the new SNG7 is 64bit only.

(Kevin T) #22

Awesome. I believe I am.

(Marbled) #23


There might be other places but an easy way from the web interface is

Reports > PHP Info > System

You should see something like this:

Linux hostname.tld 2.6.32-642.6.2.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Oct 26 06:52:09 UTC 2016 x86_64 

If you see x86_64, you are on 64bit…

Have a nice day!


(Kevin T) #24

Actually, I did it by going thru putty/ssh and issuing the command ‘uname -m’. Gave me the x86_64 flag. Thanks!

(Kevin T) #25

So, in order to ‘migrate’ a donor machine to RC14 i’ll pretty much run this process twice? once to get it on VM then another to move the VM back to the donor in essence after running the iso on said donor?


I trust there will eventually be an upgrader module for those of us on self-installs?

(Andrew Nagy) #27

Yup. But it’ll require php 5.6