FreePBX 14 - Outbound channel Call-ID

Hi everyone,

I have a scenario with PJSIP extensions and I’d like to get in some way the SIP Call-ID of the INVITE sent on outbound channel, when the call is into dial-one and dial contexts.
While in that contexts, I can read only SIP variables of inbound channel. I managed to get the value of outbound channel reading ${CHANNEL(pjsip,call-id) in DIAL application with a pre-dial subroutine: are there other ways to get this result ?
My goal is to launch an AGI script from dial-one and dial contexts, passing to it the callee and the SIP Call-ID of outbound leg INVITE, before the call is placed.


The call ID is set very late in the process. I don’t think there is any way of gaining control between when it is set and when the INVITE is actually transmitted.

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