FreePBX 14 on VMware 6.5 how to load/performance test before production

Is there a way to load test and performance test a FreePBX installation before I purchase phones and gateways?
I have the system up and running with several internal extensions defined.
I intend on having about 160 extensions/devices with 80 voicemail boxes
23 concurrent external calls (PRI) maximum and with 20-25 internal calls typical load observed on existing PBX

I’m not aware of any built-in tool in FreePBX, maybe there is some tools which the developers are using.
Remember one thing, FreePBX is a GUI for Asterisk, I’d say you should search on Google ‘asterisk performance testing’.
Or… You can tell us what resources you plan to setup the server with…

Good old standbys are


Neither very user friendly but both can synthesize sip calls to your box

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