Freepbx 14 makes calls of 1 ring between interiors but without the operator doing anything

i try to explane ma strange issue.
I was in the office of my collegue and the phone ring only in time, the caller was another collegue from other office. He recall but the colleague said that he had not made any calls, doing some research I discovered that this is something that happens.
What problem can it be?
It’s happen from various extensions

Thanks in advance

Simple answer: logs…

Long answer: Let me drag out my crystal ball and see if the spirits can help me read the logs that would tell me exactly what’s happening… :wink:

I agree…it’s no easy isolate that call over 100 extensios…i’ll try.

Log into the console as ‘root’.
‘cd’ to /var/log/asterisk/
‘more full’

Search through the log for the extension that caused your concern at the time it happened.

Find the line in the log where you are sure you’re on the right track.

Write down the number in square brackets on that line. It’s the pid/tid for that thread. Drop out of more.

use ‘grep pid /var/log/asterisk/full’ where pid is the the PID/TID number you just wrote down.

That should be the entire call chain. If you can’t figure it out, post it here.

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