FreePBX 14 - Impressive!

Just updated our Production system in the Office - That is one impressive piece of Scripting!

Looks good!

Thanks for all the HARD Work - Realtime Network Monitor is KILLER APP!

The new Modular UCP is cool too! Have to play with the Templates.

The uograde script to SNG7 worked well for you? It’s been hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to get that script as nobody is doing EL6 to EL7 upgrades anywhere and now we know why.

Worked like a champ - And yes, watching TOP and seeing all the things that it was doing (even while suppressing the console) I can tell that it is doing a boatload of things.

Worked well - I am going to run it for a few days and see and then assemble a coalition of the willing and start updating more boxes.

Looks really good so far - and my boxes are very standard, so I expect similar results - but I will post as I convert.

Thanks again!