FreePBX 14 - FaxPro Module - Cannot fax just recently started

I am on, using the FaxPro Module. I set this all up 2.5 years ago, and I have been using this with no issues for 2.5 years. In fact this all worked even on Sat Dec 10, 2022. As of today, no one can outbound Fax, or send any faxes from Fax pro. I am getting a couple variants of errors, but they all entail something about DCN with a couple other ones. Here are the Errors I am receiving, I get these error messages rotating after retries, but it is always one of these:

“Unexpected DCN while waiting for DCS or DIS”
“Received bad response to DCS or training”
“Invalid ECM response received from receiver”
“The call dropped prematurely”
“No response after sending a page”
“Timed out waiting for the first message”

Any input would be greatly Appreciated, was sending and receiving faxes from FaxPro up until today. If you need me to do anything further to help, let me know, I can do traces, provide more logs etc.

RESOLVED: It was a routing issue on the ThinkTEL Gateway side. Thank you to anyone who started to contemplate this.

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