FreePBX 14 + Debian 9: Apache running as www-data fails


Yes, seriously. I really don’t have the time to sit here and get into this with you on every thread. We have different opinions and approaches and we’ll never see eye to eye on them. I’ve accepted the fact that you refuse to cede to anyone’s ways or thoughts of doing things so just accept I’m not going to do it for you. Specially when you won’t practice what you’re preaching.

So let’s make this simple, don’t tag me, don’t reply directly to me or anything that would construe you directing conversation at me.

Then don’t, either provide an answer or not, I am equally uninterested in your intensifications, (intensifications is funny ,WTF its an auto correction) and to my knowledge I have not communicated with you for a long time, the reason for that would be obvious to even a casual reader we just will never agree

If you have ever used www-data as an httpd provider, then please explain how you do that, if not then please listen to this particular thread . . .

Then stop directly replying to him.