FreePBX 14 + Custom Context

Need help in solving the problem:
on version of FreePBX 12 enjoyed module Custom Context and here had to to to move on a new server and set on him the latest FreePBX Distro. Installed it the module that created it and the rules was that the rules in this module do not apply to Extension. When saving settings the numbers in freepbx logs:
[ [2018-Apr-13 09:26:25] [WARNING] (core/ is a Deprecated Function core_devices_get detected in /var/www/html/admin/modules/customcontexts/views/extensions_hook.php on line 3 [[2018-Apr-13 09:26:25] [WARNING] (libraries/module functions.legacy.php:7) is a Deprecated Function module_getinfo detected in /var/www/html/admin/modules/customcontexts/ on line 13
Dancing with a tambourine did not lead to anything good, except that freepbx stopped working at all. Can someone tell me a specific solution?

Can you tell us more?

Did you restore a backup on FreePBX 14 from FreePBX 12?

Custom Context comes with FreePBX it does not need to be installed, what did you install?

Also, what context did you add…?

No! Installation was new.

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