FreePBX 14 Config_Edit module search inside file

We have used to work with FreePBX 2.8 and to edit file extensions_customer.conf
in UI and Config_Edit form.
A problem is next. In FreePBX 2.8 when I generate a search of a string in Config_Edit
inside dial plan of extensions_customer.conf we receive in return all results
even there are 1000 or more rows.
Opposite to this in FreePBX 14 we receive only about 40 results of a search of a string.
Probably somebody checked with FreePBX 15 if Config_Edit search works different and makes all detections of a string in text?


What are you searching for and why would you expect to receive 1000 lines of text? The extensions_custom.conf file is there for your changes and is not managed or maintained by FreePBX. Everything that’s in there should be stuff you added.

We work in FreePBX 2.8 and when we run a search of a string in Config_Edit in a file extensions_custom.conf we receive all results in 1000 or more rows of a dialplan there.
We plan to replace FreePBX 2.8 by FreePBX 14
After we check we see that the search is working by different way returning only limited
number of results then we need to scroll down for see more results.
This makes a work process more complicated.

Ah - I think I’ve got it. The search results are being displayed in pages instead of all of the results being displayed on a single pane.

I’m pretty sure that’s because of a system-wide change in the way that search results are displayed. For almost everyone else, this change was an improvement.

What are you hoping to find out. I’m still not clear on your question.

I will try to explain.
In my extension_custom.conf there are 1000 string that for example include a word ‘exten=’
I run a search from browser. I receive only very limited number of detections.
For get a next portion f detections I need to scroll down a page of Config_Edit

The editor does not work great with Ctrl + F. Search via command line.

do you mean by ‘Search via command line’ to use SSH command line?

Why don’t you use a ftp-client like FileZilla and an editor like Proton or Smultron?

We used to work with Config_Edit in GUI. Do you know alternative FreePBX module that do similar tasks like Config_Edit?

The config edit module is ok, but the good old method is to connect to your freePBX server using an ftp-client like Filezilla. If you are on a Windows machine, you have to change the text file editor in the FileZilla settings. You can download the free Proton Editor and use it within Filezilla.
I don’t know, if this is still a problem…but in the old days the standard editor in Windows destroyed text files on Linuxmachines. On my Mac I use Smultron for textfile editing.

nano /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf

Ctrl + W < whatever you want to find >

Nano is extremely hard to use, if one does not know all those key combis…

It’s IMO the easiest editor to use:

The most common commands are shown at the bottom. The first one (ctrl-G to get help) will show you a screen like this:

And for simple edits (insert or delete text), you don’t need any of these commands – just use the arrow keys, Backspace and Delete.

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If one does not edit text files in the terminal on a daily basis, an editor with a GUI is much easier to use :wink:

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