FreePBX 14, Commercial Sysadmin, EPM +pjsip where are the vpn clients

In FreePBX13 I could create an extension with pjsip and set the max extensions to 5. This would create a corresponding number of VPN clients… which I could then pick and choose from in EPM. AND IT WORKED until the commercial sysadmin decided to disable itself.

In FreePBX14 I can create an extension with pjsip and max-clients=5, however, only one vpn client. Initially I assigned the same vpn client to each of my phones, however, since openvpn was not configured to share a configuration only one phone worked and was likely to be disconnected before the call finished.

The second problem… I manually created vpn clients for my phones… and that worked for a while. However, spontaneously my vpn clients were reassigned all over the place and to different phones.

Sounds like a ticket might be in order. In part to document the specifics, and in part because of the violations of the Rule of Least Astonishment.

At least you didn’t tell me I’m wrong. I’ve opened a ticket through a consultant. Thanks.

I view my reason for being here as being a helper. Telling someone they’re wrong isn’t really helpful most of the time. No doubt though, if you were wrong, I’d have explained why (at least in my opinion) your perspective or view of events could be mistaken. I leave the “telling you you’re wrong” to Sangoma :wink:

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