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FreePBX 14 and HA

(Tony Lewis) #21

Yes that is correct. In 14 it will be a new module but same license.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding but why would you purchase the licence now as 14 doesn’t currently support HA.

Surely you would purchase once HA is available and you are ready to convert standalone to cluster.

(Mvogel4949) #23

It doesn’t sound quite right I agree. It is a bit of a unique situation where I am moving a deployment id that has HA associated with it as opposed to making a brand new deployment. I didn’t want to transfer the deployment id which in turn would transfer the HA license if the HA license wasn’t going to work. Not sure if that makes sense


Ahh understood - makes perfect sense.

Good luck with your project!


@lgaetz @tlewis

Just wondering if there is any update to when we can expect delivery of 14HA? I will shortly be going live with my project so ideally I’d like to do the conversion from standalone to cluster process before putting this box into production in case there are any issues and I can roll back.


(Mvogel4949) #26

Any updates on HA for 14 Tony?

(Mvogel4949) #27

Any idea on ETA for HA for FreePBX14?

(Michael Asher) #28

Any updates on this?


I have my fingers crossed hoping its release will be very soon! :slight_smile:


Still not available :cry::cry::cry::cry:

(Michael Asher) #31

Any update on this?


The developers behind FreePBX do a great job and I’m very grateful for all their hard work in producing such an awesome platform, however, I’m so disappointed that a year on we are still no further forward and with no update regarding FreePBX 14 HA. I appreciate there is a huge amount of work required in order to build and stabilise HA but is there any possibility of a wee update on the progress? Is this activity being worked on or has it been pushed to the bottom of the list?

January and February are our busiest months and we were really hoping to have HA in place well before now. Although a warm spare is an option, it requires manual intervention and the fully automated solution was really what made us start this project.

Like I said, I am very grateful for everything you guys at FreePBX do but I would just like an update on if and when we can expect HA for SNG7/FreePBX14, please?


(Bryan Walters) #33

We don’t have a date to give at this time but trust me we do know you guys want an HA solution for FreePBX 14 and beyond and are still actively working on it.

(Michael Asher) #34

Any time table?

(Tom Ray) #35

Are you serious? What part of @GameGamer43’s comment was unclear. There is no date. There is no ETA. They are actively in development.

Numerous Sangoma people have said this across numerous posts and platforms in regards to the status of HA.

The bottom line is this: If you need HA now or within the next six (6) months at least don’t count on the module being done and out in a stable release. Just work around that and if in the next six months something changes you can count that as a win and adjust your plans accordingly.

HA was a mess in FreePBX 13, a complete mess. There was a reason an active commercial module was halted pretty much. You guys want a solid HA solution, you’ll just have to wait.


Has anyone looked at HAAST as an alternative? I have not used it, but some of the demos look compelling.

(Michael Asher) #37

If you look above in this thread it was stated that there was an expected release slated for Q4 2017. Then in June of 2018 it was stated that it would be soon. I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask if there is any sort of timeline.

If HA for FreePBX13 was such a mess and was pulled can I get a refund? It was a pretty expensive mess.


I guess these two comments have given us false hopes and as we are now approaching the end of Q4 2018 I’m sure you can imagine why we are so eager to get our hands on it.

We are not asking for an exact date. We are merely just looking for an update on the development progress of the 14HA module as it has been some time since we last had any information. Hardly outrageous.

(Michael Asher) #39


(Tom Ray) #40

OK, so they made comments in 2017 about HA. There was also things said in 2017 about FreePBX v15 being BETA by Oct 2017 and stable in Jan 2018. v15 went Alpha in mid-2018.

While I’ve been defending Sangoma on this to some level, let’s be honest here this is nothing to be shocked over. This is a flaw that has existed for some time now and I’m not saying that to be “mean or be in attack mode”, that’s just fact. There are things lingering for years now that have been given ETA’s, etc in the past and still not there.

Like I said before, if your business is trying to make plans for a project/services/etc and are wanting to use HA as part of it. You need to just move on from that for now unless you have the time to sit and wait for it to actually be a thing.