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FreePBX 14 and HA

(Tony Lewis) #21

Yes that is correct. In 14 it will be a new module but same license.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding but why would you purchase the licence now as 14 doesn’t currently support HA.

Surely you would purchase once HA is available and you are ready to convert standalone to cluster.

(Mvogel4949) #23

It doesn’t sound quite right I agree. It is a bit of a unique situation where I am moving a deployment id that has HA associated with it as opposed to making a brand new deployment. I didn’t want to transfer the deployment id which in turn would transfer the HA license if the HA license wasn’t going to work. Not sure if that makes sense


Ahh understood - makes perfect sense.

Good luck with your project!


@lgaetz @tonyclewis

Just wondering if there is any update to when we can expect delivery of 14HA? I will shortly be going live with my project so ideally I’d like to do the conversion from standalone to cluster process before putting this box into production in case there are any issues and I can roll back.


(Mvogel4949) #26

Any updates on HA for 14 Tony?

(Mvogel4949) #27

Any idea on ETA for HA for FreePBX14?

(Michael Asher) #28

Any updates on this?


I have my fingers crossed hoping its release will be very soon! :slight_smile:


Still not available :cry::cry::cry::cry: