FreePBX it's free recording?

Here .

At this time I’m working with CDR report and winscp with method of Mr. “Dickson” he is replay me in this post,
But now I have problem when ugent in live call like 13 in call "the problem was the call between for example 2 users have some second time A disconnect occurs in the connection and after less than a second it back is well, How can resolve the problem?

Sorry, I don’t understand.

Also can you please create a new post? Since I believe you are mentioning about calls getting disconnected, which seems unrelated to call recording, but possible some settings are wrong…

(the issue is when establish session call between two Number such as 100 and 200 and we apply recording is on ,
the employee on number id 100 opening the line and can talking between them with 200 and after few time don’t hear voice on 200 vice versa for 1 sec or more and then continues normally,and this issue is Repeated form other number
the HARDWARE Resources is 8 G RAM 8 cpu, and we have more the 230 extension online) .

My new posted

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