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FreePBX it's free recording?

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Here .

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At this time I’m working with CDR report and winscp with method of Mr. “Dickson” he is replay me in this post,
But now I have problem when ugent in live call like 13 in call "the problem was the call between for example 2 users have some second time A disconnect occurs in the connection and after less than a second it back is well, How can resolve the problem?

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Sorry, I don’t understand.

Also can you please create a new post? Since I believe you are mentioning about calls getting disconnected, which seems unrelated to call recording, but possible some settings are wrong…

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(the issue is when establish session call between two Number such as 100 and 200 and we apply recording is on ,
the employee on number id 100 opening the line and can talking between them with 200 and after few time don’t hear voice on 200 vice versa for 1 sec or more and then continues normally,and this issue is Repeated form other number
the HARDWARE Resources is 8 G RAM 8 cpu, and we have more the 230 extension online) .

My new posted

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