FreePBX w/ *13.18.4 - GV Motif - No outbound trunk or route is created

I spun up a fresh system to hook my google voice account into. It appears there’s a problem with the latest and greatest; as I cannot get outbound to work. Inbound works just fine. I’ve set the Google Voice Motif module to configure the trunk and routes, but it doesn’t seem to do anything there.

I’ve tried rolling back to the with no luck. Any ideas?

Let me know what information I can provide if needed.

Can you post some logs?

I have the same issue. did clean install using SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1712-2.iso (asterisk 13 selected on install)
when I install the GV Motif and add an account, no trunks or outbound routes are created, even though I selected the options to do so.

my old install at another location is still using gv motif without issue and has been for a very long time, but I would very much like to try out the new Oauth method.

I am currently seeing if there is a way to manually download GV Motif so that I can install it manually on a fresh install:

the download button does not seem to be working to download the module so that i can install it manually.

Should we get a bug report rolling?

for now I just rolled it back to,

It may be possible to initially install and setup your GV accounts using then update to and reconfigure to use Oauth, I am not sure.

I’ll rollback as well then. Oauth is cool but guess it’s just not 100 yet.

Or instead of rolling back. Open a bug report. As this issue has nothing at all to do with oauth.

The outbound route works / sticks if you install the older and upgrade. It’s just new installs that I’ve done experiencing the issues. I’ll get a bug report together if it hasn’t been done already.

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