Freepbx 13

I pulled a major rookie move and realized I had installed a new PBX on version 13 and realizing after deploying phones that several things are not working quite right. Mostly the IVR Timeout destinations. There is no way to restore this backup on an older version correct? Any suggestions as to not having to re-do everything? IE: Phones, Endpoint Manager, users etc?

13 is ALMOST ready for beta, so honestly, if you’re having issues with it, PLEASE report bugs! We’re actively working on it right now, so the odds are your bugs are going to be addressed immediately.

See :sunglasses:

There are 3 IVR fields that were wonky. 2 were reported in a bug. I have fixed these and they should be published shortly.

Yes I reported an IVR bug, but unfortunately I needed to re-build the main office PBX on 12. I still have the remote office on 13. Hoping it will not cause issues as they are not using an IVR over there.