FreePBX 13 Wake up Calls

Is there any chance that in the near future the wakeup calls module in FreePBX 13 will see any of the new functionalities that were present in the 2.11.4 beta 8 version (particularly recurring calls). Also I seem to recall there being a suggestion/request somewhere at one point to add an option to specify the alert-info to allow walkeup calls to use an alternate ring cadence and/or offhook automatically.


None of those features worked. They were all reverted.

Slight correction, the features did work for very old versions of PHP, but would not have worked on any of the current distros.

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Recurring calls, for one, worked right up until yesterday when I upgraded to Freepbx13 but anyway :slight_smile:

Are the features gone for good or just shelved for the moment… or gone until I can find a programmer to write them back in?


You were running an unsupported version because we never released the recurring calls as stable.

They are gone for good.