Freepbx 13 upgrade

I just upgradied from 12 to 13 ,
On system admin i still see
PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-31
PBX Service Pack:
Is this normal ?
I think it should be 10.12.13


If you only updated FreePBX gui and not the FreePBX distro it is normal, both must be separately updated.

The distro is either updated using System Admin Pro or by manually running script (and you must not skip any of them otherwise all hell could break lose…)

Good luck and have a nice day!


Thank you for the quick answer.
In system admin it does not show any distro update.
Should i do the update manualy or should i wait for the update comming up ?

The script are here

and here

I would suggest you make a backup before upgrading, whichever path you chose…

Good luck and have a nice day!


That’s weird because it usually does…

Maybe it doesn’t between different tracks, I am not sure…

Personally I have had better luck updating manually than letting System Admin Pro do it…

If you go that way though, don’t forget running all of the relevant scripts… For you it seems like it would be something like 6 of them…

Something like

if I am not mistaken and these must be run in order…

Whatever path you chose you might have issues if you used special characters/accents in your configuration. FreePBX 13 is the first version to properly support UTF-8 (a variant of Unicode).

Good luck and have a nice day!