FreePBX 13 System admin 13.0.82 user VPN configuration files

I am running couples of FreePBX 13 machines, upgraded all of them to the latest released updates. Before updating System admin module to 13.0.82 and when was running version 13.0.81, I could create a user, and then log in to UCP and get the VPN configuration files there including the cert, key and ca files and the conf file. After upgrading to system admin module version 13.0.82, VPN config files for users are failing to be created. I rolled back to version 13.0.81 and it is working fine but on 13.0.82 it isn’t.
Can someone have a look?


You need to submit an Issues ticket for this to get the proper exposure to the right people.

This solved my issue:
Sysadmin v13.0.87
Sysadmin v14.0.31
Sysadmin v15.0.5.11

This module has been published and is now in the “edge” track

To enable the edge track, go to “Advanced settings and set “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” to “Yes”

Then go to module admin and click “Check Online”. Note this will show updates for ALL modules in the edge track. Update the module(s) relevant to your issue.

Once finished go to “Advanced settings and set “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” to “No”

You may also upgrade from the command line with “fwconsole ma --edge upgrade MODULENAME”
replacing MODULENAME with the modules rawname which can be seen in “fwconsole ma list”

Please feel free to test and verify your issue is fixed.

This module will be pushed to the Stable repo as soon as it meets the criteria for transition.

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