FreePBX 13 - Ring Group is treated as multiple calls from every extension

Asterisk: 13.11.2
CentOS 6

Hi All,

I have an odd problem on a development vanilla install of FreePBX 13. I have a ring group configured with four extensions (1001 - 1004). When dialing in from an external number to the destination ring group, the call is routed correctly to every device (Polycom VVX 500). However, I am only able to pick up the call from 1001. 1002 - 1004 displays multiple incoming calls from the external number along with all of the other extensions in the group.

Take for example extension 1004. There are four incoming calls displayed on the device screen (external number, 1001, 1002, 1003). When picking up the handset, the call from the external number is not picked up. Instead the line for 1002 is picked up.

Another example of this behavior is if I place a call directly from 1002 to 1003, 1001 and 1004 also receive this call.

The only change I have made in the system is creating a symbolic link between 1001 and 1002,1003, 1004 so these extensions can share a mailbox - . I have done this many times in freePBX 12 without a hiccup.

Please advise in how I can troubleshoot this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I ended up resetting to factory defaults and upgrading the firmware. This resolved this issue.