Freepbx 13 on Centos 7

Dear All,

Experimenting with Freepbx on Centos 7 according to the wiki guide (, I would like to confirm, that the following is still not possible:

  • No sysadmin, system firewall and fail2ban due to lack of centos 7 repository
  • Sysadmin can be “almost” installed from modules, but it does generate the following php error:

mkdir(): Permission denied
(line 17)

Is there any obvious way around this, yet?

Aside from that, things seem to work just fine!



These tutorials are modified from previous tutorials and the Google voice stuff is probably legacy from older walkthroughs. It is likely that it needs to be removed from all of them.

what do you mean about googlevoice ?

do you mean we cant run googlevoice with centos 7 freepbx 13??