Freepbx 13: mail forwarding error in maillog

the daily logwatch I get from my freepbx-13 machine shows a high number of mail forward errors, usually over 500 every day. The line in logwatch under the sendmail heading reads:
Forwarding errors:
Total: 578
so I looked in /var/log/maillog and I see these two lines repeating every five minutes:
forward /home/asterisk/.forward.freepbx: Group writable directory
forward /home/asterisk/.forward: Group writable directory
I looked in /home/asterisk/ and there is no .forward.freepbx folder or file. I tried creating both a forward.freepbx folder and a forward.freepbx file but that didn’t work. What is this forwarding? do I need it and how do I solve this?

Sorry, there was a permissions error in ‘fwconsole chown’ that set the permissions of /home/asterisk incorrectly for a couple of versions. That’s fixed in the latest framework. Simply update, and then run ‘fwconsole chown’ from the command line (as root) and that’ll fix it.

ok thanks but update what exactly? update modules? update freepbx?


Specifically, update the “Framework” module, but there’s little sense in doing that unless you do it in the context of a “more-or-less” full module update from Module Admin (under Admin).

That’s (normally) the same thing 8)

Just go into module admin, click on ‘check online’, and update anything that needs updating.

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