FreePBX 13 Kickoff

So this week the Dev team is all together or 5 days of coding to get FreePBX 13 going. The whole focus of 13 is a consistent GUI and more responsive and the continuing of building out the FreePBX UCP that was introduced into FreePBX 12.

We will keep everyone updated with a roadmap that can be found here.

Development team or Bank-Heist Crew?

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Well, we were trying to plan a Bank Heist, but it turns out we’re all programmers, and none of us are Safe Breakers. So we decided to abort that, and write some code instead.

Damn, no tickets or bug fixes for a week.

Someone shove a pizza under the door.

Apparently we’re being fed sushi tonight. Omega 3 brain food!

Beware those bearing gifts of food…

Congratulations to all the team for developing the FreePBX 12!

Freepbx 13 will run on Centos 7 by default?

FreePBX 13 has nothing to do with the OS its just a front end. As far as the FreePBX Distro we have not laid out a timeline on working with EL7 at this time as EL6 is rock solid and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Pictures from last nights feast.

Here is the new Responsive menu that works awesome on mobile devices and in a full browser.

Full Browser

Mobile Browser