FreePBX 13 IVR direct dial extension to other pbx


i am a beginner with FreePBX or any IPBX based Asterisk

Presently, we try FreePBX in our organization, i install and configure this system, configure an sip integration with our existing ip pbx, call between this two systems works well.

I configured an IVR and i would like to be able to reach a phone on the other pbx by the direct dial extension feature.

is it possible? i try a lot ot things without succes

no solution works for us…

can you kindly give me some advice about how to be able to offer this capabilities to reach an internal extension on the other pbx by the freepbx ivr?

any easy configuration?

thanks for any help and you time!

thanks a lot

When you dial an extension internally it goes to the from-internal context and looks first for an extension on the PBX, if it does not find one it’ll try to match a dial pattern in the outbound routes.
But when you dial an extension from a IVR it goes to the from-did-direct context which I don’t think will try to go to the outbound route.

IIRC there was someone here who set the directory destination to dial something else to make this work. But there might be easier ways to do that.

You create a directory of all extension numbers that IVR users are allowed to dial, and then set the direct dial to this directory:

hello Lorne

thanks for your answer, i already see this guide, the strange thing is that when i create an ivr, i don’t have this features:

Enable Direct Dial

Do you want to allow callers to be able to enter a user’s extension number when navigating the IVR to go directly to that user’s extension? Your options are:

  • Disabled - This will not allow any caller to direct dial any extensions on the system. Callers will be restricted to dialing only the IVR entries that you define.
  • Extensions - This will allow a caller to dial any system extension directly from the IVR, regardless of what entries you define in the IVR.
  • Directory Names (if a directory exists) - You will get a list of all company directories on your PBX, and you can restrict direct dialing to users who are a part of the company directory. This is a way to restrict which extensions a caller can direct dial from an IVR. To set up a directory, visit the Directory module.

just enable or disable, is there something working when FreePBX 13? does it need something else to be able to show with configuration option?

thanks a lot

hi, thanks for the time take to answer me, any advice to find how this person was able to do that?

our version is FreePBX

Once you created a directory, submit, apply config and then see if the directory name appears in the IVR drop down.
You can also try to clear browser cache.

Male sure all your modules are up to date.

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hello, yes you right, the custom directory is now visible in the ivr configuration, i choiced it, at one pbx ext in the directory (1999), but event with this configuration, i am not able to reach the 1999 pbx extension from the ivr, i have this dial patterns on the outbound route to the pbx: XXXX

a misc destination is working for example

thanks for any advice!

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