Freepbx 13 GUI updater not updating

Running FreePBX distro 6.12.65-30 and wanted to upgrade to Freepbx 13 via the GUI updater.

Went into module admin, “download and installed” the PBX Upgrader (12.0.1RC1.1). Clicked on “process” and got the following…

Upgrading versionupgrade to 12.0.1RC1.1 from track stable
Downloading versionupgrade
Found module locally, verifying…Verified. Using Local
Installing versionupgrade
Generating CSS…Done
versionupgrade installed successfully

Clicked on “return” then clicked “apply config” in the top menu. And that’s it… go back into module admin and it shows the versionupgrade module as installed.

I’m relatively certain that there should have been an upgrade process or something fire up somewhere within that process… but it didn’t. I’ve tried uninstalling/removing the versionupgrade module and reinstalling it but I get the same (no)thing.

Any ideas how I can kick the versionupgrade to life, either via the GUI or how a quick walkthrough on how to do the upgrade via the commandline.

Cheers and thanks,

There is now a Menu option (in Admin) to actually RUN it :sunglasses:

Thanks Rob, I just found that option… but not until I switched to Chrome. For whatever reason IE was displaying just a blank line where the “12 to 13 upgrade” should have been. Go figure :smile:


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Note that IE10 or 11 are the best IE’s to use with 13. Chrome or Firefox are recommended.