FreePBX 13 / Grandstream GXP1628 / Shared Voice Mail


not sure if this belongs to this forum topic. Please move if I’m wrong here.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I’d like to setup a shared voicebox (ext. 101) It will keep all of the group messages. Works fine by now.
It already alerts to my phone (ext. 11, Grandstream GXP 1628) and makes the red light flashing when new message arrived.
Voice mail for extension 11 (on “voicemail” tab) is off, on “advanced” tab mailbox is set to “[email protected]”, voicemail extension is “101”

When dialing *98101 I’ll reach that voicebox. But it always asks for password.
When setting voicemail access number on Account 1 (Grandstream) to *98101, same as above when pressing message button.
When setting *97 it askes for my voice mail account number.
When switching on voice mail on “voicemail” tab, it connects directly to 11’s voicemail, without password.

I’d like to have the same behaviour with the shared mailbox/voicebox as I have when switching on extension 11’s voicebox:
Dial into 101 mailbox without the password. For me it is ok, if using *98101 to access the box, but I thing I have to allow my extension 11 to access voicebox without pass and of course I want to have other callers to push in the pass.

How to do that?