FreEPBX 13 Follow Me time plan

I’m new to Freepbx and have managed to get everything up and runing without to many issues but the one thing I can’t seem to find is a time plan for “Follow Me”. Follow Me is working great but I want to stop it working outside normal business hours.

For example
If I finish work at 5pm I do not want calls to come to my mobile phone but during the normal working day I do. We have staff that work many different hours so the plan needs to be on a per user basis.

Thanks In advance

Maybe use Time Groups + Time Condition(s) to differ the call routing to a Ring Group with or without users’ follow-me ? (see the comment / help text in the Ring Groups configuration screen)
‘to dial follow-me, queues and other numbers that are NOT extensions,put a # at the end’

(Or use Custom Destinations on the Time Condition to dial the users 'enable / disable follow-me ’ feature code ?)

I understand what you are saying and how it would work but I don’t really want to end up sending calls from DID to Ring Group to extension for 350 users.

It would also be nice to be able to add the time plan to UCP so the user can control there own times.

OK so how about

DID (aka inbound route) -> time condition (per DID) -> ringgroup_DID_fm or ringgroup_DID_nofm ?

iow, replicate the above for EACH DID separately, not ‘en masse’ as you think you could?

yes it’ll be a lot of tc’s and ring-groups, but on the other hand,

  • it will be clear which chain belongs to which user (use users’ DID in tc and rg names)
  • it will give each users own global feature code to toggle the fm on or off (that someone else can dial in to toggle the condition manually)
  • you are in control which users do you give this feature access to :wink:
  • gives you a possibility to diverge the call from a failed destination in 2 more places (ringgroup_DID_(no)fm failover)
  • you don’t need to do that all at the same time either, only when user requests …

Allow users who set it to disable it with UCP; they’d have to remember to do this before clocking out, but that might work…automating this would be difficult (possibly extremely so).

We have rotating on-call users that would benefit from time conditions on the follow-me feature…perhaps a feature request is in order?

I think if I was to do this I might:

  1. Create a time group/time condition like normal that sends calls to the cell during bus hrs and terminate call during off hours
  2. Add a Misc Application to the time condition created in 1
  3. Use the Feature code from 2 as a follow me to the main extension with a # suffix (read the tool tip for that field, non-extensions must have the # suffix)

Ah, I forgot about Misc Application - that ought to be good - still needs to be done per-DID/incoming route anyway ?

I’ll give that a try but will doing it at the DID level miss calls direct to the extension number from internal?

In that case, I can’t see really how to do that, otherwise than possibly changing the user/extension to ‘dynamic’ and use a Misc Application(s) to dial a Feature Code to log on or log off, called from a Time Condition; Possibly, only iff the extension logged on/off state controls also FMFM forwarding; or dial the Misc App with per-user fmfm toggle code, from the time condition. Or somehow (Custom Application ? Custom Destination?) ‘fake’ the fact that the user can dial the fmfm toggle code - the user can then still do it manually, but it will get controlled …
TBH, the whole multi-tier control structure could be created that way (a user could have a feature code, made with Misc Application maybe, that when dialed, will prevent the time condition from calling the fmfm toggle for him… and the admin can toggle these time conditions individually or en-masse too… )

Thank you for your help with this one. I ended up raising it has a feature request, its been done and is being implemented in version 14.

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