FreePBX 13 Firstboot error

I needed a default install of FrePBX 13 to check something for someone having a problem.

I grabbed the ISO and locall installed it.

Getting the no internet access error because the curl in the firstboot script to is failing to return anything.

I was able to get what I needed anyway. But is it intentional that FreePBX 13 can no longer be fully installed?

How recently did you check? I opened a ticket about this a couple days ago and heard back that it’d been fixed, but I haven’t had an opportunity to test since then.

Today. I just did the install.

If I had to guess (full assumption) All of the EL6 stuff is EOL so if you are trying to install the older distro things aren’t tested there anymore.

I think that IT was trying to separate some of the functionality that ran on the VM that kickstart points at that it’s possible that they missed something. Someone in Sangoma was able to reproduce your problem and we’re looking into it right now.

As I said, I got what I needed to help the client that was having issues. They claim they are going to upgrade after the new year. I can’t make them do it.

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