FreePBX 13 DPMA issue

@lgaetz (sorry to ping you directly)

Have an older system on FreePBX 13. Need to upgrade but can’t at the moment.

Yesterday they started having issues where they could not dial out intermittently.

Now they can’t dial our at all.

Current Asterisk version is 13. Asterisk-version-switch only gives me up to 14 which it lists as beta.

Rebooted the D60 phones and now they won’t connect to the Digium Phones module most likely because of the asterisk DPMA issue that cropped up a while back.

current version is:
asterisk13-res_digium_phone.i686 3.4.14-1.shmz65.1.52

If I downgrade the asterisk13-res_digium_phone I get warnings about the SSL Certificate because it goes below the minimum version.

So I’m kinda stuck in a pickle here. I’m out of state so can’t get to them to do a proper upgrade.


If Asterisk-version-switch gives you only version 14, it means that you haven’t updated your freePBX server for a long, long time! Why?

client issues… Long story It’s FreePBX distro 13, updates show as up to date.

When you go to connectivity>digium_phones (I think it’s called) “general settings”.
What version of DPMA does it show?

EDIT: Regarding the updates…I meant the system updates not the module updates.

I understood what you meant by updates. Just got a call from the client. Everything is now working. Nothing was done since I gave up…

I swear this clients building is built on an Indian burial ground…

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still…what DPMA version does it show in the general settings of the digium phones config module?

Did you also update OS packages with yum?

As well as the FreePBX “firmware” as it was called then.

He did the system updates…yes…at least he claims :wink:

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