Freepbx 13 and Webrtc ODoo calls go to "from-sip-external" why?

i have freepbx 13 and i followed the wiki of odoo to setup freepbx to work with odoo

the problem that i face is when i dial outside call from web odoo i see the call use the context “from-sip-external”

and the call don’t go fine

if i add in sip.conf the context from-internal
it works and be fine like my own dial plan

but the problem i cant use that for the internal dial plan because of hackers

the question is how can i force odoo to use specific context when i dial form the web ??

is it in sip.conf ? or asterisk http.conf ?


Don’t edit the config files. That’s not the way FreePBX works.

Set up an extension in FreePBX for your webrtc application then edit the context within, using the fields in the GUI. Maybe the from-trunk context would be appropriate, and then you can setup inbound routes to control what the web caller has access to.