Freepbx 13 and php7

Just want to know whether freepbx 13 is compatible with php7…
I have just upgrade php to v7 … and fwconsole gives me many errors.
What’s the direction of freepbx 13 developers? To make it compatible? Should I need to report errors opening a ticket?

Its not even something we are concerning ourselves with at this time. We are first focusing on PHP 5.6 and making sure that works well.

PHP 7 is so new and very few Distros are supporting it.

Thanks for your prompt reply…
I was excited about the performance of php7 thinking that codes for 5.6 were totally compatible with new php engine. I will defenetily downgrade to php 5.6.

Thank you


Maybe I’m wrong here, but I doubt freepbx is php bound. Asterisk itself, db lookup speed, SIP protocol latencies, etc are going to be performance limiters more than just php itself. I’d love to hear if the devs think php is bottleneck.

FWIW, Rackspace and other hosts only recently have gotten on the 5.6 bandwagon. The LTS version of popular distros aren’t even on 5.6. Its still pretty new as it was released a year and a half ago. A lot of software was only recently updated for 5.6 support too. 7 came out like a month ago. You’ve got a long way until that becomes mainstream, especially considering its not backwards compatible with the 5.x tree.

Sorry … my server is not dedicated to asterisk only but for other purposes, too.
Php performance is related to other service… not to asterisk and/or freepbx…
If having php7 installed means not be able to use freepbx, it is a bad choice. That’s why I’ll downgrade to php 5

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Actually I just got it working for most of functions after upgrading Ubuntu from 14 to 16 LTS (where php 7 is installed by default). The problem was with DB connection and I only changed connection type from mysql to mysqli in my /etc/freepbx.conf file.

We’re not going to be attempting to get FreePBX 13 to work with PHP7. However, FreePBX14 will work with 5.6 (with commercial modules) and 7 (open source only).

With cleanup for 14 and supporting php 5.6 that will clear most of the MySQL bugs. In 12 and 13 we started transition to PDO so a lot of this is done. On our EL7 boxes with php 5.6 most stuff just works. The majority of issues may be in the install scripts where old dB stuff is pretty heavy.

If you’re feeling froggy and submit a claim you can submit patches converting things to PDO as you find em :slight_smile:


So the version 14 remains with Centos 6.x?

No it will require php5.6+

Thanks - yes I downgraded php7 to php5.6 and all functions went back to normal. I would suggest to update your wiki with downgrade to 5.6 if the Linux distribution by default comes with php 7.

any news regarding FreePBX 14 and php 7.x?
Because, 31 Dec 2018, end of security update…

FreePBX 15 will support PHP 7 thanks to efforts from an awesome community member and @xrobau


Beta When?