FreePBX 13 and grandstream phones with OpenVPN [SOLVED]

I just got the grandstream GXP2130 phones
Now I’m equipped with OpenVPN

Is there a way to implement OpenVPN between the FreePBX 13 and the GXP2130?

Good Luck. I have the grandstream 1625’s , fanvill x4’s and x6’s and could never get openvpn
to work. I have a freepbx server with 3 NIC’s installed and used a netgear router set up with
tomato. could see the grand stream connect but it wouldn’t route traffic. after a week of searching
and trying everything I could find it was easier to buy a $20 GL-MT300n router and set it up as the
vpn client.

I looked into it a bit ago and while they do support OpenVPN they require the openVPN be setup a certain way and with a certain encryption type. It wasn’t the type we were using so we didn’t bother doing it.

You can go to this link for an initial setup, pay attention to comments on config

Thanks for who you are
Today I use a raspberry with openvpn to open the vpn channel to freepbx
But I’m looking for a more reliable solution, sd corrupt one or two times a year …
I will try with the directions of the grandstream forum
In addition I had already seen the GL-MT300n and I try very much that I do not understand well … but has it inside a linux or wrong? Does anyone know anything about it?

I’ve recovered by setting up a pptp three router and cloud-PBX

here is documentation on how to add pptp

Please consider that PPTP has been deemed insecure a long time ago, it is not recommended to use it for VPN access.

Thank you, I will keep it in mind