FreePBX 13 and Call Flow Control [SOLVED]

FreePBX 13 and Call Flow Control

Here’s what happens to me when I want to install Call Flow Control from the Module Admin:

"Missing Requirements:
FreePBX version or higher is required, you have "

Does anyone give me a suggestion on how to update without doing damage?

Says pretty straight forward, update framework…

Yes, I looked at it and gave it to me as already updated ???
However I try to install it

So what version of framework do you have now?

Go to understand now I have installed and it works

Thank you

No I have not solved …
Now he says it is installed but does not appear in the meu???

Did you apply config?

From the console, did you try a “force install”?

Here’s what happened and how I solved it

In practice I created a freepbx machine and updated it

When I imported the configurations from a much less updated machine …

At that point there were many anomalies

I redid the machine from scratch, I imported the configuration before updating it

Now everything is ok

I hope to be clear layer

Thank you all

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