FreePBX 13 and 14: support life cycles / search for migration path

Hello all!

Could somebody please say anything about the planned end of life for FreePBX 13 and 14 (not distro - just the GUI)?

Is there a tool to migrate a FreePBX 13 GUI to FreePBX 14 with an asterisk 13 underneath based on Centos 6? Where can I find it?

FreePBX 14 uses php 5.6, FreePBX 13 uses php 5.3. Does V13 work with php 5.6, too? This way, it would be possible to migrate to V14 by firstly upgrade php and afterwards FreePBX.

Or is there no other way to come to FreePBX 14 from 13 as doing an installation from scratch?

Will there be a tool to migrate a V14 system to the following version?

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Thanks. But I wrote:

=> You’re answer is distro related! I already knew about this site!

Since you’re talking about “just the GUI” the answer is likely to be “no”. I don’t speak for Sangoma, but based on my experience with FreePBX, I’d say such a thing would just be WAY too hard to do. There are too many variations of operating systems and installed packages to make this something that could be reasonably simply automated.

Well, my expectation wouldn’t be to change all the system packages, but:
based on a previous check (are all dependencies satisfied - e.g. does php have the correct version, …) it just should do its own upgrade and nothing else. This sholudn’t be too complicated.

But what about the support cycles? Doesn’t anybody know anything about the life cycle of FreePBX 13 and 14?

The version upgrade on 13 will take it to 14 once you have dependencies worked out. Meaning upgrade your PHP to 5.6

What exactly do you mean with “The version upgrade on 13”? Which script should be executed? Could you please name it?

Its not a script. Its a module called Version Upgrader that you install in module admin. We do this for every major release of FreePBX GUI


Ah - ok! Thanks for your hint!

But what about the life cycles? Aren’t there any?


No. There aren’t any.

This is actually the only question I need answered. I have looked on many different forum threads and also other postings across the web and it seems like FreePBX 13 will not work with PHP 5.6 but I have not been able to find a definitive answer. Is there any place where PHP version requirements (min and max) are listed for the various FreePBX versions? After upgrading PHP from 5.3 to 5.6 I get the following error

Failed loading /usr/lib64/php/modules/  /usr/lib64/php/modules/ undefined symbol: zend_get_hash_value
PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: digium_register: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20090626
PHP    compiled with module API=20131226
These options need to match
 in Unknown on line 0

And after reverting to PHP 5.3, everything goes back to normal and FreePBX works. Is there a way to make FreePBX 13 work with PHP 5.6 or will I have to use FreePBX 14?

FreePBX 13 commercial modules won’t work on PHP 5.6. But freepbx 13 open source modules would run on php 5.6 (though not recommended). The error you are showing above is a commercial module written for php 5.3 being run on php 5.6. Sorry that won’t work.

Source: I lead the development of freepbx 13.

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