FreePBX 13 Alert-Info only allows predefined entries?

Hi everyone! I recently discovered that FreePBX 13 only allows predefined alert-info settings on inbound routes, ring groups, etc. This is a change from previous FreePBX versions. Currently, the only items in the list are Sangoma Ring 1-5. I am trying to perform distinctive ring on Yealink phones using the Belcore-drN format but it’s not working. I suspect it’s because Yealink expects this to be in sip-info "" for example.

There are also some other neat things you can do with changing the ringtone completely instead of just the cadence but it requires specific entries in the sip-info field.

Is there a place to define these in FreePBX or is my only course of action finding it in the database and adding my entries there?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


It’s a free form select box. You can type your own entries.

I tried that when I saw a flashing cursor in the selection box but when I typed nothing happened. I went back and tried it again this morning and sure enough, I was able to type my own entries. What I was doing wrong the first time was I did not hit the backspace key when the cursor was in the selection box to give me a new entry.

Thanks for the quick answer Andrew!