FreePBX 13, Aastra phone, Voicemail button does nothing unless a message is present

I have several users at one of my sites where they aren’t able to listen to voicemails or record a greeting (the voicemail button basically does nothing) if their inbox is empty. If I call and leave a voicemail then the voicemail button works just fine.

FreePBX 13
Aastra 57i or 6737i
Phone Apps

Things I’ve tried:
Completely deleted the extension from Endpoint Manager, Extensions, and User Manager and rebuilt from scratch.
Deleted the config file off the server and rebuilt
Deleted the voicemail box from the server and rebuilt
Completely wiped the phone (config file and factory defaults) then reprovisioned
Replaced the phone with a completely different one

What version of Phone Apps, this has been resolved for a while:

Ok thanks, I’ll update and try again. I think the last time I updated Phone Apps on this PBX was months ago.

So according to that link restapps v13.0.92.17 is the one with the fix. However when I update phone apps with the edge track I’m still on v13.0.88.11. How do I get the latest?

Is your module maintenance current?

You’re right. I need to renew.

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Thanks lgaetz, that did it.

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